2009-01-04 AM

January 4, 2009
Ministry of the Word: 1 Samuel 11The Spirit of God goes to battle for the people of God: Terrifying threats from the enemy Decisive action from the king Kingdom victory…

2008-12-28 PM

December 28, 2008
Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 42You shall not steal. The commandment of the Lord. The example of Philemon The application to our lives.

2008-12-28 AM

December 28, 2008
Ministry of the Word:Nahum 1:1-3 aNahum's divine countdown concerning Nineveh The wrath of the Lord. The fear of the prophet. The care of the Lord.

2008-12-21 AM

December 21, 2008
Ministry of the Word: Rev 19:11-21 The King of kings rides out for the last battle. He will obtain the victory; He will bring His people vindication; He will gather…