2009-03-22 PM

March 22, 2009
Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 52 Q/A 128-129We conclude our prayers with confidence in God's power, as demonstrated in the resurrection of Christ in God's promise,…

2009-03-22 AM

March 22, 2009
Text: 1 Samuel 6The true God returns to his people in a glorious victory procession. frightened enemies obedient cows disobedient people

2009-03-08 PM

March 8, 2009
Text: Lord's Day 52, Q&A 127We pray that God will help us overcome Satan, the Accuser, with the awareness that... God created us to rule We attempted to rule without…

2009-03-01 PM

March 1, 2009
Public Reading of Holy Scripture Exodus 20:18-26 Matthew 5:43-48 Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 51 The Lord teaches us to ask for what He has promised:…

2009-03-01 AM

March 1, 2009
Ministry of the word:1 Samuel 4Yaweh disciplines his people with a surprising exodus for trying to force his hand for failing to guard his gates

2009-02-22 AM

February 22, 2009
Ministry of the Word:1 Samuel 3Yahweh will not let his Word be silenced! God's Word is barely heard God's Word breaks the silence God's Word spreads