2008-09-07 PM

September 7, 2008
Ministry of the word as found in Lord's Day 29 and Lord's Day 30A Controversial MealThere is controversy about it's elements it's focus it's participants

2008-08-31 PM

August 31, 2008
Ministry of the Word as Confessed in Lord's Day 28A very special meal for the church of Christ the host, the menu. the benifits

2008-08-24 PM

August 24, 2008
Sermon by Rev. A Veldman Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 27Holy baptism points us to God's faithfuloness towards the believers and their seed.In His faithfulness God:…

2008-08-17 AM

August 17, 2008
Sermon by Rev. G. Van Popta Text:Rev 3:1-7The exalted Christ speaks to His church about the opening and closing of doors The doors shut; A door opened; A door closed;

2008-08-10 PM

August 10, 2008
Sermon by Rev. Bouwman Text:Lord's Day 25God the Holy Spirit sovereignly uses the ear to work faith in His people. The means God uses to work faith, The message God's…

2008-07-27 PM

July 27, 2008
Public Reading of Holy Scripture Matthew 20:1-16 Ephesians 2:1-22 Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 24 Our Good Works make no part of our righteousness before God.…

2008-07-27 AM

July 27, 2008
Text:Exodus 3:10 aIn Moses the Lord picked up a broken tool to accomplish His purpose Who is the tool? Who handled the tool

2008-07-20 PM

July 20, 2008
Text:1 Pet 1:22-251 Pet 2:1-3Peter calls his readers to express their identity as God's children by loving their brothers and sisters. The suorce of love, The meaning of love, and…