2008-07-06 AM

July 6, 2008
Text:Ecclesiastes 3:1The LORD God reveals to us the meaning of time: the aprreciatio nof time the understanding of time

2008-06-22 PM

June 22, 2008
Text:Lord's Day 1My only comfort is my belonging to Jesus Christ An undeniable fact in this belonging Possession in this belonging Responsibility in this belonging Never-ending in this belonging

2008-06-22 AM

June 22, 2008
Text:Matthew 3:13-17In baptism, Jesus Christ fulfills all righteousness for us.We will see two things: How Jesus Christ humiliats Himself How God the Father elevates His Son.

2008-06-15 PM

June 15, 2008
Text:Psalm 27:1-3Psalm 27:13-14A confession of confidence and yet more confidenceWe'll consider: The cornerstone of this confidence The contours of this confidence The consequences of this confidence

2008-06-15 AM

June 15, 2008
Sermon by Rev. C. StamText:Ecclesiastes 2:24-25The LORD teaches us to live from His fatherly blessings all our days under the sun.We will see: the value of the blessings appraises the…

2008-06-08 AM

June 8, 2008
Text:Phillipians 3:12-14God calls His people to press on toward the goal. The gracious initiative of the Lord. The forward focus of the church The glorious nature of the prize.

2008-06-01 PM

June 1, 2008
Text:Lord's Day 19The Bride confesses that her groom is King and will come as Judge.We see: How the Groom's Kingship benifits the bride every day; How the Groom's Judgeship comforts…