2009-05-03 AM

May 3, 2009
Ministry of the Word: 1 Samuel 10Yahweh chooses a king for his people the signs confirmin his choice the censure accompanying his choice

2009-04-26 AM

April 26, 2009
Ministry of the Word: Acts 26:22-23 Paul witnesses before the government as a witness of Christ... who proclaims the Word of God... of salvation for the world.

2009-04-19 PM

April 19, 2009
Ministry of the Word: 1 Samuel 9The Hearer brings the looker to the seer the good looking looker looks the well seeing seer sees the always hearing Hearer hears

2009-04-12 PM

April 12, 2009
Ministry of the Word:Phillipians 3:10-11The way to reaching the new heaven and new earth is the way of knowing Christ in the power of his resurrection and sharing in the…

2009-04-10 AM

April 10, 2009
Public Reading of Holy Scripture From the PsalmsPsalm 22From the ProphetsIsaiah 53From the GospelsMatthew 27:11-44From the LettersRevelation 5:11-14 Ministry of the Word in 1 Samuel 8 Yahweh gives his people…

2009-04-05 PM

April 5, 2009
Ministry of the Word: Jeremiah 2:13Through the prophet Jeremiah God charged his people with two sins forsaking the fountain of living water digging cisterns that hold not water

2009-04-05 AM

April 5, 2009
Ministry of the Word:1 Samuel 7Yahweh changes his people by his powerful Word.He brings about... repentance in his people victory for his people confidence among his people