2008-03-16 PM

March 16, 2008
Bible Text: Psalm 104 | Preacher: Elder Kent Bulthuis Text:Lord's Day 10The doctrine of God's providence gives us unspeakable sonsolation 1. What we understand by God's providence 2. Why this doctrine gives us consolation

2008-03-02 PM

March 2, 2008
Bible Text: Psalm 43, John 9:1-12 | Preacher: Pastor Julius VanSpronsen Text:Lord's Day 9We confess that trust begins with "who?" not "why?"We trust:1. Our Creator2. Our Provider3. Our Protector

2008-03-02 AM

March 2, 2008
Bible Text: Luke 4:31-44 | Preacher: Rev. Van Vliet Text:Luke 4:38-44Jesus starts bringing the reality of Jubilee liberty to Galilee.He does this: 1. in a household 2. through the night; 3. also in other places.

January 1, 0007
Bible Text: Psalm 1 | Preacher: Rev. Gary Zekveld Public Reading of Holy Scripture Psalm 1 Ministry of the Word in Psalm 1 The Truly Happy Life