2008-06-01 AM

June 1, 2008
Bible Text: Psalm 2 | Preacher: Elder Apko Nap Sermon by Rev. G. VanPoptaText:Rev 2:18-29The exalted Christ speaks to His church about strength and weaknesses. 1. He commends her for her deeds 2. He rebukes her for her weakness 3. He promisses a share in His strength

2008-05-18 PM

May 18, 2008
Bible Text: John 19:18-42 | Preacher: Elder Kent Bulthuis Sermon by Rev. G. van PoptaText:Lord's Day 16The death of Christ is life-transforming. 1. Physical death 2. Spiritual Death. 3. Eternal Death

2008-05-18 AM

May 18, 2008
Preacher: Elder Apko Nap Sermon by Rev. G. van PoptaText:Revelation 2:2-17The exalted Christ speaks to His church about the razor sharp difference between the church and the world. 1. He commends her for maintaining this difference 2. He admonishes those who blunt the difference 3. He promises to reward those who preserve this difference

2008-05-11 PM

May 11, 2008
Bible Text: Acts 2:1-21 | Preacher: Pastor Julius VanSpronsen Text:Joel 2:28-32The Lord's Preparation for the Great Day 1. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit 2. The Resulting Crisis in the World 3. The Only Escape

2008-05-04 PM

May 4, 2008
Bible Text: Acts 1:1-11, Hebrews 9 | Preacher: Elder Pete Schouten Sermon by Rev. W. BredenhofText:Lord's Day 18The Lord Jesus ascended into heaven, yet also remains with us on earth.We see: 1. The fact of His ascension 2. The character of His ascension 3. The purpose of His ascension

2008-05-04 AM

May 4, 2008
Bible Text: Matthew 24:36-51 | Preacher: Elder Mike Schouten Sermon by Rev. Keith Davis Text:Matthew 25:1-13The Lord Instructs His Waiting Bride to be Ready for His Arrival 1. The Urgency to Be Ready (vs. 1) 2. The Activity of Getting Ready (vv. 2-9) 3. The Consequences of Being Unready (vv. 10-13)

2008-04-27 PM

April 27, 2008
Bible Text: Exodus 25:31-40, Ephesians 5:8-14, Revelation 2:1-7 | Preacher: Pastor James Visscher Text:Num 8:1-4The Lord lights up His sanctuary and His people!

2008-04-20 PM

April 20, 2008
Bible Text: Isaiah 53 | Preacher: Rev. Berends Text:Lord's Day 15The unique suffering of our Lord and Savior 1. The Extent 2. The Place 3. The Depth of His suffering

2008-04-20 AM

April 20, 2008
Preacher: Rev. Berends Text:1 Peter 1:3-5Our hope and expectatio nis a heavenly inheritance 1. The Source 2. The Content 3. The Certainty of this hope and expectation