2008-06-22 AM

June 22, 2008
Bible Text: Isaiah 42:1-4, Isaiah 61:1-3 | Preacher: Cand. Dong Woo Oh Text:Matthew 3:13-17In baptism, Jesus Christ fulfills all righteousness for us.We will see two things: How Jesus Christ humiliats Himself How God the Father elevates His Son.

2008-06-15 PM

June 15, 2008
Bible Text: Matthew 6:25-34 | Preacher: Rev. W. Bredenhof Text:Psalm 27:1-3Psalm 27:13-14A confession of confidence and yet more confidenceWe'll consider: The cornerstone of this confidence The contours of this confidence The consequences of this confidence

2008-06-15 AM

June 15, 2008
Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 2:15-3:14 | Preacher: Elder Kent Bulthuis Sermon by Rev. C. StamText:Ecclesiastes 2:24-25The LORD teaches us to live from His fatherly blessings all our days under the sun.We will see: the value of the blessings appraises the conditions for the blessings applied the Giver of the blessings appreciated

2008-06-08 PM

June 8, 2008
Bible Text: John 16:5-15 | Preacher: Elder Clarence Devries Text: Lord's Day 20 We confess our faith in the Holy Spirit He works together with the Father and the Son He unites us with Christ

2008-06-08 AM

June 8, 2008
Bible Text: Phillipians 3 | Preacher: Pastor Rob Schouten Text:Phillipians 3:12-14God calls His people to press on toward the goal. The gracious initiative of the Lord. The forward focus of the church The glorious nature of the prize.

2008-06-01 PM

June 1, 2008
Preacher: Elder Pete Schouten Text:Lord's Day 19The Bride confesses that her groom is King and will come as Judge.We see: How the Groom's Kingship benifits the bride every day; How the Groom's Judgeship comforts the bride with a view to judgment day.

2008-06-01 AM

June 1, 2008
Bible Text: Psalm 2 | Preacher: Elder Apko Nap Sermon by Rev. G. VanPoptaText:Rev 2:18-29The exalted Christ speaks to His church about strength and weaknesses. 1. He commends her for her deeds 2. He rebukes her for her weakness 3. He promisses a share in His strength

2008-05-18 PM

May 18, 2008
Bible Text: John 19:18-42 | Preacher: Elder Kent Bulthuis Sermon by Rev. G. van PoptaText:Lord's Day 16The death of Christ is life-transforming. 1. Physical death 2. Spiritual Death. 3. Eternal Death

2008-05-18 AM

May 18, 2008
Preacher: Elder Apko Nap Sermon by Rev. G. van PoptaText:Revelation 2:2-17The exalted Christ speaks to His church about the razor sharp difference between the church and the world. 1. He commends her for maintaining this difference 2. He admonishes those who blunt the difference 3. He promises to reward those who preserve this difference

2008-05-11 PM

May 11, 2008
Bible Text: Acts 2:1-21 | Preacher: Pastor Julius VanSpronsen Text:Joel 2:28-32The Lord's Preparation for the Great Day 1. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit 2. The Resulting Crisis in the World 3. The Only Escape