2008-03-30 AM

March 30, 2008
Bible Text: James 1:1-18 | Preacher: Rev. W.W.J. Van Oene Text:James 1:9-18The Father of lights cannot send darkness. He made us children of light.

2008-03-21 AM

March 21, 2008
Bible Text: John 19:1-18, 1 Peter 4:12-19 | Preacher: Pastor Julius VanSpronsen Text:John 19:19-22The title said Jesus of Nazareth was crucified because He was their King. 1. What Pilate had written... 2. What God has written!

2008-03-02 AM

March 2, 2008
Bible Text: Luke 4:31-44 | Preacher: Rev. Van Vliet Text:Luke 4:38-44Jesus starts bringing the reality of Jubilee liberty to Galilee.He does this: 1. in a household 2. through the night; 3. also in other places.