2009-03-01 AM

March 1, 2009
Ministry of the word:1 Samuel 4Yaweh disciplines his people with a surprising exodus for trying to force his hand for failing to guard his gates

2009-02-22 AM

February 22, 2009
Ministry of the Word:1 Samuel 3Yahweh will not let his Word be silenced! God's Word is barely heard God's Word breaks the silence God's Word spreads

2009-02-15 AM

February 15, 2009
Ministry of the Word:1 Samuel 2:11-36Yahweh raises up a faithful servant to replace the wicked ones the wickedness of the priestly sons the doom of the priestly house the growth…

2009-02-08 AM

February 8, 2009
Ministry of the Word:1 Samuel 2:1-10The favoured one rejoices in the Lord for what he has done for what he does for what he will do

2009-01-04 AM

January 4, 2009
Ministry of the Word: 1 Samuel 11The Spirit of God goes to battle for the people of God: Terrifying threats from the enemy Decisive action from the king Kingdom victory…