2008-04-20 AM

April 20, 2008
Text:1 Peter 1:3-5Our hope and expectatio nis a heavenly inheritance 1. The Source 2. The Content 3. The Certainty of this hope and expectation

2008-04-13 AM

April 13, 2008
Sermon by Rev. George van Popta Text:Rev 2:8-11The exalted Christ speaks to His church about the conflict between death and life 1. The Threat of Death 2. The Promise of…

2008-04-06 AM

April 6, 2008
Text:Gen 45:1-11God brings Josephs's story to a climax 1. He leads Joseph to reaveal Himself, 2. He causes Joseph to give Him the credit 3. He has Joseph invite his…

2008-03-21 AM

March 21, 2008
Text:John 19:19-22The title said Jesus of Nazareth was crucified because He was their King. 1. What Pilate had written... 2. What God has written!

2008-03-02 AM

March 2, 2008
Text:Luke 4:38-44Jesus starts bringing the reality of Jubilee liberty to Galilee.He does this: 1. in a household 2. through the night; 3. also in other places.