2010-01-03 AM

January 3, 2010
Ministry of the Word: 1 Samuel 12God's people are tested on their covenant faithfulness: The case against us The fear upon us The grace over us The man for us

2009-12-27 PM

December 27, 2009
Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 30The Lord's Supper:Christ given for you (3)Christ feeds us with the meal commemorating his once for all sacrifice. This meal: Isaiah…

2009-12-27 AM

December 27, 2009
Ministry of the WordIsaiah 12:1-6The song of praise is the chorus for the work of the son of David. The content of this song The source of this song The…

2009-12-25 AM

December 25, 2009
Public Reading of Holy Scripture From the PsalmsPsalm 98From the ProphetsIsaiah 9From the GospelsLuke 2:8-20From the LettersGalatians 3:4-7  Ministry of the Word inPsalm 98 Christmas day - The Gospel to…

2009-12-20 PM

December 20, 2009
Ministry of the Word: Zeph 3:14-17The day of the Lord brings all joy and no fear for those who are in Christ Jesus because the Lord: Removed your judgment Resides…

2009-12-13 PM

December 13, 2009
Ministrty of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 29The Lord's SupperChrist Given for you (2)A the Lord's Supper Christ gives what he promises What we recieve Who gives it…

2009-12-06 PM

December 6, 2009
Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 28The Lord's Supper - "Christ given for you"With the food and drink of his body and blood, Christ gives you life!