We are honoured to welcome you here and invite you to explore our website and come visit our church. The mission of Cloverdale Canadian Reformed Church is to be a light and a witness of God, the eternal Father and Creator of all, in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, through the power of his Holy Spirit. We desire to be a place that you may call your spiritual home and family. We also want to be a place where you may come if you are simply searching for God and for meaning, or have questions about religion in general and the Bible and Christendom in particular.

We want to be clear from the outset that we do not pretend to be perfect people who have it all together. Rather, we confess that we are broken people, what the Bible calls sinners, who have found healing, peace and wholeness through Christ alone. In other words, we recognize that we ourselves are in desperate need of the hope and grace and help of God, as much as anyone else is. The Good News that we want to share with you, what the Bible calls the Gospel, is that there is a refuge from the brokenness and pain, sin and misery—from the darkness—that covers this world. Our greatest desire is to tell everyone we can about the great Light that gives light to everyone. More than anything, we invite you to discover and experience with us the lasting happiness and unspeakable joy found in following Jesus and in belonging to his everlasting kingdom.

Cloverdale Canadian Reformed Church, therefore, is committed to biblical and Christ-centered preaching, teaching, and mission; covenantal and sacramental worship of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and holy living as a sacrifice of praise to our God for all his goodness and love. If you’re wondering what we mean by any of this and what difference it actually makes, please come and join us for worship or contact us through the links provided here. We’d like to get to know you!