2010-05-30 AM

May 30, 2010
Ministry of the Word: Mark 16:15-18The Lord's final words according to Mark: The context of his words The content of his words The consequences of his words

2009-10-11 PM

October 11, 2009
Ministry of the Word as confess in Lord's Day 24God won't make a profit on us: This message hurts our pride This message sets us free This message is denied…

2008-12-28 PM

December 28, 2008
Ministry of the Word as confessed in Lord's Day 42You shall not steal. The commandment of the Lord. The example of Philemon The application to our lives.

2008-12-28 AM

December 28, 2008
Ministry of the Word:Nahum 1:1-3 aNahum's divine countdown concerning Nineveh The wrath of the Lord. The fear of the prophet. The care of the Lord.